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Applications are invited by Jodhpur NationaL University(JNU),Mahatma Gandhi University(MGU, Meghalaya)and NIMS(Jaipur) for admission into Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) offered in university departments for the academic year 2015-2016.

M.Phil Admission 2015-2016 in India

Master of Philosophy unfolds numerous ways towards knowledge, success, and career. It is the elementary degree which prepares base for the highest educational attainment in a specialty, i.e. PhD and is conferred upon candidates having completed their master level. Demonstrates an independent critical ability to evaluate existing material in a new light. M.Phil admission in India leads you towards rigorous training where no short cut is taken and you need to be prepared for the hard work required to achieve success in your endeavors.

Way2Career is an educational partner which renders the candidates with various options for specializations in different fields. Academes associated to our platform are UGC granted and strictly follow recommendations Laid by UGC Regulation Act 2009. This directive helps universities set minimum standards for award of M.Phil degree and M.Phil admission in India.

The Master's program in Philosophy intends not only to intensify better career opportunities for the candidates but also prepares their mind for advanced logical thinking, mental discipline, ability for analysis and synthesis, critical speculations on all social affairs and political realities. Credentials attached to an M.Phil degree allows candidates to initiate on cross disciplinary research activities to gain cutting edge exposure in the field.

This well-rounded program is incredible mix of high-quality education and experience that bestows pursuers with a distinctive aura. Way2Career assists you in your pursuit for higher education and connects you to M.Phil guide who will counsel you on each of your steps to earn the M.Phil degree

M PHIL Admission 2015-16 in Agriculture,Botany,Biotechnology,Computer Science,Chemistry,Engineering,Urdu,English Literature,Economics,Fine Arts,Fashion Technology,Geology,Geography,Statistics,Hindi,History,Hospitality Management,Law,Mass Communication,Mathematics, Yoga,Music,Nursing,Physics,Psychology,Sociology,Zoology
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