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Applications are invited by Jodhpur NationaL University(JNU),Mahatma Gandhi University(MGU, Meghalaya)and NIMS(Jaipur) for admission into Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) offered in university departments for the academic year 2014.

Doctorate of Philosophy(PHD)

Specialized people are necessary in any family, organization or any other fields of countries development. Ph.D. formally known as Doctorate of Philosophy is a specialization degree given to a student by any educational organization as the basic requirement of research work in any field.
Here we are saying about the procedure to have the same degree and the way to be the master of your favorite field. It is a post graduate academic degree awarded by the universities started in European countries and then in Asia and India as well. The word philosophy doesn't only mean this particular field but it is a Greek word what actually means 'Love of Wisdom'.
Research and Development is one of the most important sectors of Scientific World. To analyze and change the things and recipes of the existing products like atomic bomb, foods, cloths, styles, designs, development sectors and all other regarding the nation. Ph.D. is the required degree to make the candidate for the same field. They are called Scientists.
Scientists are the basic secrets of a country or any nation. Not only in Physics or Chemistry, Scientists are required for any field of modern living. Doctors, Engineers, Musicians, Designers, Defence or in Atomic Power; scientists are for a new or for modernize the old in existence. Ph.D. is the basic qualification to be a scientist in all fields. It is the highest degree given in India.

M PHIL Admission 2012-13 in Agriculture,Botany,Biotechnology,Computer Science,Chemistry,Engineering,Urdu,English Literature,Economics,Fine Arts,Fashion Technology,Geology,Geography,Statistics,Hindi,History,Hospitality Management,Law,Mass Communication,Mathematics, Yoga,Music,Nursing,Physics,Psychology,Sociology,Zoology