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Applications are invited by Jodhpur NationaL University(JNU),Mahatma Gandhi University(MGU, Meghalaya)and NIMS(Jaipur) for admission into Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) offered in university departments for the academic year 2015-2016.

Doctorate of Philosophy(PHD)

All the candidates often think of a PhD as a knowledgeable research project resulting in outstanding work. PhD program is focused on knowledge and research and is more like crawling on the ground with a magnifying glass resulting in detailed investigation and study.The variety of PhD opportunities offered in India clearly depicts the combination of sharp edge innovation and vibrancies in traditional cultures. Many top notch colleges and universities within the country are well established as scientific, technological and medical research centers, while the government supports the promotion of further progress in these areas.Candidates can enroll themselves in a PhD course only after the completion of their Master's degree in a particular subject. However, the criteria are not specific and may vary from one university to another. However, the fact which should be considered while opting for a PhD courses or any other higher studies, is the area of interest in it or the need to continue with it. Extensive and extended study in any field of interest with immense knowledge is required in a PhD degree.

Any PhD course is the demonstration of research adequacy. There are area in which candidates must show focus based on the research work including.
• Inclination and respect for the subject
• Ability to relate the subject on wider aspects to facilitate research work
• Mastery on your selected subject
• Sufficiency of Independent research
• Detailed observations and Research

M PHIL Admission 2015-16 in Agriculture,Botany,Biotechnology,Computer Science,Chemistry,Engineering,Urdu,English Literature,Economics,Fine Arts,Fashion Technology,Geology,Geography,Statistics,Hindi,History,Hospitality Management,Law,Mass Communication,Mathematics, Yoga,Music,Nursing,Physics,Psychology,Sociology,Zoology
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